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Working Through a Divorce and Mortgage

Divorce is never an easy process. The emotional issues are obvious in the forefront and often cause great stress between the soon to be former husband and wife. Custody of children is usually the top disagreement point. However, not lost at the bottom of the list is the mortgage. Quite often there are disputes about [...]

Top 15 Sites to Find Real Estate Online

The business of finding real estate has changed a lot in the twenty first century. Gone are the days when you met up with a real estate agent who drove you around to numerous properties for you to check them out in person. Nowadays you are much more likely to use an online real estate [...]

So You Thought The Foreclosures Were Ending?

While the popular network news stations would like you to think that the recovery is upon us, and therefore the foreclosures and bankruptcies were going to end… the fact is that foreclosures are still likely to be with us in record proportions for the next few years. Check out this article on reuters. It contains [...]