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So You Thought The Foreclosures Were Ending?

While the popular network news stations would like you to think that the recovery is upon us, and therefore the foreclosures and bankruptcies were going to end… the fact is that foreclosures are still likely to be with us in record proportions for the next few years. Check out this article on reuters. It contains [...]

Mortagage Woes Visually

Not to add to the bad news about mortgages, but I found an interesting graphic that shows mortgages by State in the United States.  The real interesting part of this is that they added a graphic by state of bankruptcies as well for the first half of 2009. Check it out here.

13% of Mortgages in Deep Trouble

We all know that the recession has been going on for a while now.  And, I think the large majority of people realize that a significant downstream impact of the recession has been a rise in foreclosures. Of course, the impact has tended to be concentrated in several problem states, with the most prominent being [...]