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Building a Sustainable and Energy Efficient Home in Texas

The decision to build a home is a long and somewhat difficult process, but it can also be fun and exciting as well.  Once you have a decided where to build and have received a loan from the bank, you can then start deciding on a builder.  You know you need a builder that is [...]

How Do You Save Money When Building a Home?

Are you thinking about building the house that you’ve been dreaming of all these years? Nothing is impossible, and with a bit of creativity and careful planning, you can save money on the main construction of your house so tha1t you’ll have more for the finishing works. Here are some ways to consider. 1. Use [...]

Building a Home in Texas

It takes a lot of preparation to build a home.  Before even the foundation you need to obtain a loan, land and a contractor.  Then it is important to carefully watch them build the house each day.  You have to make sure they are doing the things you want specifically, and that they are no [...]