Building a Sustainable and Energy Efficient Home in Texas

The decision to build a home is a long and somewhat difficult process, but it can also be fun and exciting as well.  Once you have a decided where to build and have received a loan from the bank, you can then start deciding on a builder.  You know you need a builder that is reputable and will work well with you, but you might also want to take into consideration a green builder, especially if you are building in Texas.  With the rising costs of everything, it is a good idea to think about building an energy efficient home.  They are good for the environment, and they save you money.  What could be better?

Process of Building Energy Efficient Homes

-Natural Daylight: one square foot of sunlight can light up to 200 square feet of space

-Wind Ventilation: allows air to flow through; the house is built to shield from the northwest wind in the winter, and the windows are placed southwest and southeast to allow for air flow during the summer, spring and fall which cuts the cooling costs down tremendously

-Solar Heating: the building design is to allow the home to be warmed up by the sun during the winter; it is possible to allow a Texas home to be 100 percent heated by the sun in the winter without affecting the cooling process during the hot Texas summers

-Geothermal Heat Pumps: allows you to get more than two dollars of heating and cooling for every one dollar spent in utility bills

-Collecting Rainwater: tanks are installed underneath your gutters to collect the rain, and you can even purify it so that you can drink it if necessary

-“Graywater” Systems: “graywater” comes from bathing or washing clothes, so water that comes from your bathtub, bathroom sink or washer can be used to water your lawn (a bathtub can water up to 300 square yards)

-Xeriscaping: uses plants that have adapted to their environment, such as Texas

-Solar Water heating: this is clean energy and cost effective; makes it possible to reduce your utility bill by 30 percent

-Solar Electricity: photovoltaic cells are attached to your roof, so that the energy received from them can be used to power certain items in your home

-Insulation and Radiant Barrier: these are used for heating and cooling purposes to lower utility costs (look for a builder that uses insulation mice do not like)

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