Monthly Archives: October 2009

Median House Prices in the US

Just found a great article on US News & World Reports comparing what you get for a median priced house in different cities around the country. The article, as with all of their articles, is very well written and researched. One very interesting fact from their article is that national median price of an existing [...]

So You Thought The Foreclosures Were Ending?

While the popular network news stations would like you to think that the recovery is upon us, and therefore the foreclosures and bankruptcies were going to end… the fact is that foreclosures are still likely to be with us in record proportions for the next few years. Check out this article on reuters. It contains [...]

How Can You Get an Online Mortgage Refinance

If you’re thinking about refinancing your current mortgage, you must consider an online mortgage refinance. Various mortgage lenders are presently offering this as a simple option to homeowners who wish to refinance. Receiving quotes from various lenders does not take much time and is convenient. The following tips would help you refinance your mortgage online. [...]